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From Julia Juliati, Argentine Tango dancer, performer, teacher,

and creator of IN LOVE WITH TANGO movement:

I'm absolutely deeply passionately in love with Tango. And so will you, if you're not there already.

My teaching methods are based on wide experiences of my own exploration of tango: learning from the greatest teaches from all over the world, performing and working with world famous instructors/choreographers; directing and producing dance films, and of course enjoying social aspect of dancing tango.

On top of that, from early age I've been extensively exposed to fine arts, music, and theater, and later on I've done research and teaching in psychology, physiology, and neuroscience.  This rich experience allows me to have a global perspective of movement and artistic application of ideas; as well as to help others to discover the intricate details of body mechanics, connection between partners, and finding the power, lightness, freedom, and sensuality within.

IN LOVE WITH TANGO is a NEW way to learn, practice, and enjoy tango. In a relaxed none judgmental environment you would be able to let the music and your partner take you to new seamless dancing levels. 

IN LOVE WITH TANGO will enhance your senses and transform your day to day life. It is not just another tango class, it is a new way to experience life through tango...IT'S A MOVEMENT.




What To Expect by joining the movement:

- Explore new ways of feeling and enjoying life.

- Get lost in time between the music, the dance, and your partner.

- Increase body and mind awareness.

- Discover the art of hugging.

- Challenge yourself by achieving new complex dance structures.

- Learn to express the music through your dance.

- Meet people who share your passion for dance and connection.