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Intensive Private Classes - individual attention to the details, the instruction is customized to your strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Higher deeper level of study with full immersion to tango's physical, mental, emotional nuances

at White Plains location (The studio rent fee is included):

1 hour lesson $150

10 hours lesson package $1,000

20 hours lesson package $1,800 (includes "Dance With Me" experience)

Dance With Me - I will take you to one of the famous New York milongas, teach you all obvious and hidden rules of social dancing, and dance with you exclusively, so you can get comfortable on the dance floor, and implement everything that you learn in classes. This option is a part of (and only available with) 20 hours lesson package.


 Pedagogy: Immersive Experience

 - "Tuning In" - prerequisite for everything. Designed with many exercises from different art forms, using breathing, stretching, free movement. 

 - Individual body mechanics techniques. Finding and developing your inner center, your power, your energy, your movement specifics. 

 - Partner connection. Exercises in eye contact and sensory experiences. Being in a moment. Discovering your own power, lightness, freedom, and sensuality. Finding joy in discovery of the other, and creating new unique experience together.

 - Movement. Discovering movement through the body and energy. Finding movement together.

 Atmosphere: open, non judgmental, encouraging, fun, artistic.

 Music: from old age tango, to Piazzolla, to nuevo, to alternative. The goal is to know the history and traditions, and then to open our minds to new creative possibilities beyond the standards of old traditions, so we can discover never ending joy in the art of creative movement.