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Besides being a dancer, I'm also a filmmaker/producer. I create dance films for my clients, as well as do my own projects. Here is a new article on How Do You Film It: Decoding The Image With Julia Juliati. Written by Essi Ameyi: here
Last Tango Movie (Argentine Tango as a love story by Julia Juliati & Ronny Dutra). What is your passion? What is your craziest idea that you really want to accomplish? For me it was Last Tango Movie: making a film with a love story through acting and dance...AND to film it in a Mansion...A year later Last Tango Movie is live! Together with my awesome partner Ronny Dutra, and my super talented crew Bozhena Shuplat, Briana McCance Alessi, Jesus Estrada, Antonio Estrada we created this film here 
The Huffington Post publication about our Last Tango Movie a review by Essi Ameyi: the intricate details about the movie and our relationship to Carlos Libedinsky, the genius behind the music of Narcotangohere
What it takes to create a dance film: Last Tango - In The Making - Documentary...the creation, the chemistry, the difficulties, the funny stories...each of us has a story to tell: here
Sensual Argentine Tango and Behind The Scenes Interviewhere